#FoodForThought Friday – Social Media Chaos

Another good cause going viral becomes the target of the society that is never satisfied with life.

I took a half a week off from social media after I did the Ice Bucket Challenge for the awareness of ALS aka Lou Gehrig Disease. From my perspective, it was a meaningful challenge, but I couldn’t help but notice more of the negative reactions from the videos that have made the awareness go viral. It’s the negative shit that makes me want to just disconnect at times.

“Wasting good drinking water!”

“Why don’t you donate instead the ice bucket challenge!?”

“$15 million?? That’s all!? If all the celebrities donated with their ice challenges, ALS would have had made more than $15 million.” etc… etc…

Being an individual who is being opinionated about people doing the challenge for the cause without doing it yourself, you have no say. It’s like voting, you can complain all you want, but actions are always going to weigh over the words that come out of your mouth.

Just because the ALS challengers don’t post that he/she are donating to the ALS doesn’t mean they aren’t. One, you don’t have valid information considering you do not have access to his/her bank accounts. Two, not everyone remembers every detail that needs to be said on the video. What is sad is humanity has become too hungry for paper money that doesn’t weigh near the gold value that it use to. Humanity has become lazy for that reward as well. Majority has just expected for the money to fall into their laps without the hard work that goes into it.  Empty greed in my view. Believe it or not, there is more to life than money.

Another aspect of this is, ALS is one of countless problems in this world. We all have our own passions when it comes to giving back to the communities and/or environments, same with celebrities. Actually taking the time to through awareness to others, is actually a step towards the benefits of ALS finding a cure.

I hate to shine a new light, due to his recent behavior, but even Justin Beiber has a strong credential list when it comes to charities and non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, celebrities are set on their priority when it comes to the donations and volunteering they do when it comes to good Samaritan deeds. Media doesn’t portray it. It is not on the paparazzi’s list of agenda. The only the crap listed on their agenda is the crap you see in magazines and news media. Sorry, not sorry.

If everyone could do everything when it comes to making this world a better place, we would. God knows I continue to try and there are times that I do wipe myself out emotionally and physically, because I still haven’t learn to keep some of my priorities in check. I always give more than what I receive, but don’t mistaken me for a doormat. I wouldn’t be writing this post, if I didn’t feel social media needed a reminder that not everyone is desensitized from the world. Not yet, anyways.
Bottom line, at the end of the day, instead of complaining about the world, do something yourself for a change, even if it is something small like the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” The small deeds will add up towards the rewards you can reap later in life, but patience is key here. Things don’t exploit overnight. A factor that provides proof that time is much more precious than paper money. Take it or leave it.

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