#FoodForThought Friday – Social Media Chaos

Another good cause going viral becomes the target of the society that is never satisfied with life.

I took a half a week off from social media after I did the Ice Bucket Challenge for the awareness of ALS aka Lou Gehrig Disease. From my perspective, it was a meaningful challenge, but I couldn’t help but notice more of the negative reactions from the videos that have made the awareness go viral. It’s the negative shit that makes me want to just disconnect at times.

“Wasting good drinking water!”

“Why don’t you donate instead the ice bucket challenge!?”

“$15 million?? That’s all!? If all the celebrities donated with their ice challenges, ALS would have had made more than $15 million.” etc… etc…

Being an individual who is being opinionated about people doing the challenge for the cause without doing it yourself, you have no say. It’s like voting, you can complain all you want, but actions are always going to weigh over the words that come out of your mouth.

Just because the ALS challengers don’t post that he/she are donating to the ALS doesn’t mean they aren’t. One, you don’t have valid information considering you do not have access to his/her bank accounts. Two, not everyone remembers every detail that needs to be said on the video. What is sad is humanity has become too hungry for paper money that doesn’t weigh near the gold value that it use to. Humanity has become lazy for that reward as well. Majority has just expected for the money to fall into their laps without the hard work that goes into it.  Empty greed in my view. Believe it or not, there is more to life than money.

Another aspect of this is, ALS is one of countless problems in this world. We all have our own passions when it comes to giving back to the communities and/or environments, same with celebrities. Actually taking the time to through awareness to others, is actually a step towards the benefits of ALS finding a cure.

I hate to shine a new light, due to his recent behavior, but even Justin Beiber has a strong credential list when it comes to charities and non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, celebrities are set on their priority when it comes to the donations and volunteering they do when it comes to good Samaritan deeds. Media doesn’t portray it. It is not on the paparazzi’s list of agenda. The only the crap listed on their agenda is the crap you see in magazines and news media. Sorry, not sorry.

If everyone could do everything when it comes to making this world a better place, we would. God knows I continue to try and there are times that I do wipe myself out emotionally and physically, because I still haven’t learn to keep some of my priorities in check. I always give more than what I receive, but don’t mistaken me for a doormat. I wouldn’t be writing this post, if I didn’t feel social media needed a reminder that not everyone is desensitized from the world. Not yet, anyways.
Bottom line, at the end of the day, instead of complaining about the world, do something yourself for a change, even if it is something small like the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” The small deeds will add up towards the rewards you can reap later in life, but patience is key here. Things don’t exploit overnight. A factor that provides proof that time is much more precious than paper money. Take it or leave it.

Sunday Funday – Behind the Scenes of ‘The Wood’ And Some

The Wood Promo

 Hello from Chicago! Thirty-six minutes before the week starts and I am breaking away from social media for a week and re-energize for my fall semester in College at the end of the month. This weekend was hectic busy, but hell of a good time!

Friday, I got to spend some time with family and hang out around a bonfire. Sure as hell beats going to clubs and bars with obnoxious drunk people. Ha! It was good to catch up a bit with my brothers and nephews though. A good time was had.

Saturday, this is how it started. The video shows how ready I was for Chicago. Since Scan was making business happen out on the East Coast, I thought I send her a bit of entertainment value via video of me rapping along to one of her singles. A good laugh was truly shared with my Facebook friends, so I figured I share it with my other audience around social media life.

I was excited for Saturday for other reasons other than hanging out with my #CCIU family. I had the privilege to meet my childhood hero, Joe Lando, and talk among topics, like military and Expendables 3, instead of his work as an actor. Oops. 🙂

It was the inspiration needed to prep for Sunday, as I finally made it down to my first film shoot for Claw Entertainment & Law Films project called The Wood. A web/TV series and outlook on the life and struggles of everyday life in Englewood and other rough neighborhoods in Chicago.

Director/Videographer: Lawrence Williams

My duties for the evening were videography and behind the scenes photography. If you compare my photos, my skills are improving overtime, thanks to my mentor Lawrence Williams, who has been teaching me the tricks and trades of photography. My videography skills are yet of another story.

Actor: Shaun Van Prude

Another mentor is my “fam bam” and upcoming actor, Shaun Van Prude, to start my acting game, as well as, the rest of my projects I have piling up in front of me from writing, photography, videography, and maintaining my poetry. Having individuals who are as hungry as I am to make this world a better place brings great joy and hope for humanity. Stick with us, and we will show you on day at a time.

Read Through Script w/ Cast

The rest of the cast and crew also added new memories and laughs in my memory account. It is a joy to take this work serious, but also be able to make a few bloopers to enjoy life and work along the way. It was a successful evening of filming and I am excited for the first episode of The Wood to come out in September and show the rest of the world what we can do in the heart of Chicago! Trust me when I say that our talents and dedications are beyond the level of expectations. We are hungry out here in the Midwest for a more motivational environment. This is our chance to prove it!

The film production crew’s mission, along with the rest of CCIU, is to bring awareness to children and young adults of other alternatives in life other than drugs, violence, and other gang related activity. Our mission is to end the violence and bring redemption to the reputation of Chicago that it is currently in. I love this city too much to let it go down in rambles. That is why I keep fighting with my Chicago family and work with them to shine in the entertainment industry with me.

Post Traumatic Stress (Poetry)

I stand in front of you on this stage with a smiling mask.
But give me a minute or two to unmask and ask,
What do you really know about post-traumatic stress?
Day in day out weight is oppressed in the hearts and chests.
Very little does one see his/her life as a personal success.
For adrenaline, many involve a life that becomes transgress.
Through time natural facial expressions and habitats change.
Insomnia becomes normal, even the bags under the eyes become rearrange.
Our moods are irritable, anxious, and estranged.
Nightmares, flashbacks, and reminders limits activities,
Fireworks are always ruining summer festivities.
Very rare can one ever overcome this particular sensitivity.
Frustrations and sympathy grows for the high number of suicides,
There are more of us alive than those who gave up on their lives.
The ones who are still breathing, still feel invisible to the world.
Many try to use humor and sex to cover up the actual feelings.
Instead of opening up, solitude is actual a comfort to hide the dealings,
Of strangers and family who fears the lack of knowledge and adaptations.
Truth, there is the misconception of medications, very rare do they improve,
Drugs and alcohol are the first things those who only want self-help turn too.
Natural healing & therapy is best suited for those who are desperate to move on,
We may look strong on the outside due to the imprinted war face,
Nobody ever takes the consideration, deep down fragile as a pencil case.
Doesn’t mean the survivors are more dangerous than a terrorist.
When it comes to the survivors of post-traumatic stress,
Majority find exceptions in the imperfections, a new strength.
That is the most important factor in an unfamiliar multitude force.
2014©H.M. Gautsch

Modern Society (Poetry)

Everyone knows, everybody is aware,
But still we look away as if we don’t care.
The result makes the world impaired.
The media is brainwashing and desensitizing,
Through propaganda and negative news emphasizing.
Modern societies centralizing.
As a human being with a richer mind sense,
Reminisces back to the childhood I took for granted
No smart phones, no cable, limited internet.
CNN’s start of 24/7 news binge open the doors of numbing
By dumbing down the audience, in results, unbecoming
In results, the garbage that TV production is dumping.
Welcome to our modern society.
Instead of personal interaction to grow attraction
We rely on social websites to search for satisfaction
In results, complete dissatisfaction.
Too many rely on the world’s negativity to increase fear
It provides limitations on the dreams you want to adhere,
But there is so much more than what appears.
No I am not talking twisted conspiracy theories,
Stop trying to be the professional in every surfaced story.
There’s more to life than to paranoia and worry.
If you are still human, put yourself in someone else’s shoes,
Instead of talking down on someone behind a message board,
Focus a bit more on the knock at your front door.
Welcome to our modern society.
Put the technology down, don’t be afraid to disconnect.
Those old classic movies, allow them to resurrect.
Change your state of mind, travel to connect.
Increase your minutes with your sisters and brothers,
Remember what you were taught by your fathers and mothers,
Pay attention to your sons and daughters.
What can you do for the poor, for the Peace Corps,
For the sick, for any progression, for a fellowship restore,
Instead of for a cyber-world war.
Welcome to our modern society.
2014 ©H.M. Gautsch