Sunday Funday – Unlikely Utopia For All Walks Of Life

Yes, I am failing on a major level on keeping my Sunday Funday posts to strictly restaurant critiques and reviews, but I make sure I keep my weekends interesting and fresh. I have been working on myself to reach out to all sorts of walks of life from my friends in Chicago, and now to volunteering at a roller derby mixer here in La Crosse.

A long story short: I’ve known Yacob: The Swedish Ref, for 3+ years. It took him two years to get me to a bout for roller derby and with the help of reuniting with my dear friend, Hova, it actually happened this past Saturday. No, I did not put on skates, considering my well-being with my Post-Traumatic Stress and the fact that I haven’t had skates or blades on since over 12+ years. I did assist as a non-skating official though and it was fun to learn new things to add to my life experience as a Penalty Box timer and Jam timer. I got to use my “sound off” voice for sure by hollering, “Five seconds,” countless times.

Everyone knows I like my solitude and limit my socials to keep control of my PTSD and not get overwhelmed. Everyone knows, but very few understand. Over this weekend, I met a new friend who understands my position in life. I am working towards this with my life; when I can eventually do what I want and have the ability to social at my choice of events. It’s a long progress on my end, but it’s allowed me to work towards my healing permanently, instead of having my struggles and emotions like a roller coaster like majority of my military comrades who struggle with PTSD, take the medications and call it good.

I was anxious to see what the derby would bring into my life. I remember briefly when it was on television, so I wasn’t sure if the popularity and commodity was still there. At the end of the day, it was nothing near a disappointment. It surely was a good group of people as well. The cool thing was how family-knit the league is as a whole. As the bouts happened, it looked ugly a couple of times, but at the end of the day, everyone was smiling, laughing, and hugging it out at the official after-party, where we received pizza and karaoke. My audience knows my love for both! The roller derby family did win my heart over the weekend. 

I can’t thank Hova and Yacob enough for teaching me and staying patient with my shortcomings this past weekend and a special shout out to a new group of friends that I made this past weekend. Keep doing you, stay unique, and keep shining!

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