Despite Other Peoples Doubts, You Have To Believe In Yourself

No one has the ability or strength to walk in your own shoes. Therefore, they have no right to judge you or how you do things in life. Stick to your own lane when it comes to chasing your dreams.

That is how you will keep your own grasp on whatever success that may come in your path. If you start believing in other people’s words about you, you will NOT finish the race.

Nobody in society are on the same level in the journey in life, so if you are on a higher level, don’t look down on people, unless you are willing to help them up, yourself.

I wrote my wishes the other day, if I was able to be gifted such opportunity. You know what those three wishes were? Let me share those wishes with you for a minute…

  1. … I wish everyone had the ability to become fearless with their own life and go out into the world and educate themselves on the sights, sounds, emotions, and languages of the world and other species with an open heart and mind.

  2.  … I wish people could wake up and realize their struggles are a blessing more-so than a step back on life. Especially in the more developed and rich countries. The journey for happiness and Utopia isn’t meant to be easy, or the life span of a human being would be a lot shorter.
  3.  … I wish for more strength, concentration, and perseverance, (someday without my medications, permanently) to continue on the road I’m on to change the world through my own footprints, without the worries and concerns of growth in the “selfish assumptions” with my life. That is not what my message is about.

Now, with that being said, what is going on in Marie’s world these days? Why has she been a bit, “silent”? 

It’s no secret that I been busy with my own life, at my own level.

Front cover for my second poetry book.

I returned back to college, sooner than I expected. I have made the initiative to look for a treatment facility, among the number of local doctor appointments, for my PTSD. With that announcement, I shall publicly announce, I am in the long process of a medical discharge from the military. 

I am finishing up my first poetry book, to send it to the publishing ranks this week. I also already started to put together my second poetry book (here’s a sneak peak of the book cover as follow).
I am also continuing my therapy of music producing (mediocre level), writing on my novel projects “Twenty One Days,” and “Psychological Demons”, and planning my photo shoots with my Chi City Inc University team in Chicago for future dates. 

So with all that being said, I am up to my neck with homework, medical documents, music, and writing. All the while, I am trying to balance the stories and thoughts that are floating around in my brain. This is why I am sticking to my own lane, because right now, I have full control of what I have got going on in my life. 

I envy  those who are farther in their dreams than me, but I also know you worked hard to get where you are at, despite of the obstacles and construction, you yourself have gone through. And if you are not as far as you would like to be, don’t give up hope. Life will fall into place once you are ready. God wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Until next time…

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