Close-Mindedness Is More Common Than You Think<— I am curious how many individuals disapprove of Macklemore's performance at the Grammy's. Do you disapprove because YOUR bible says so? You know the one God "wrote?" Or do you disapprove of it because a STRAIGHT guy from the majority pot is standing up for the LGBT community? -Or my bad – the Lesbian/Gay community and "equal rights."

I can relate to Macklemore with this song to a point. My thoughts and curiosity came later in life due to a few people in high school telling me who I was and I was idiotic enough to believe them, because I didn’t know better, nor did I ever experience the world past the small hick towns I grew up in, until my senior high school. Thank you to my teacher, Mrs. Perry, for the NYC trip, experience, and opportunity for me to open the door to a bigger world!
NEWSFLASH! The “lesbian” phase didn’t stop my attraction from men, ever! It was never really just a “lesbian” phase either; fore I had my share of boyfriends AND girlfriends in high school and in the military. Does everyone know my detailed history on my personal relationships? No. Does everyone need to know the detailed history, uh no. That’s beside the point. The point is for this blog post is what I came across on the Facebook feed today. This video:

Now, a lot of gays/lesbians would disagree about the outrage against Macklemore, but I can see the possibilities of this happening. Maybe my viewpoints are a bit biased, but my experience(s) and quite a few of my other friends within the LGBT community can probably do it justice as well. I didn’t distant myself from the community due to my own personal choices and changes. Nor did I distant myself due to the calling of God and religion. I distant myself due to the arrogants of some of the people who feel that if you aren’t gay or lesbian, you don’t belong in the community.

I don’t know if it’s a competition problem within the community or what, but sadly the LGBT community is more broken within itself, than it is with the rest of the world. I’ve come across more straight folks who accept transgenders/transsexuals, bisexuals, especially myself and my past, more than I have come across open-mindedness of gays or lesbians.

I also benefit from a family who never disowned me, during my phase of the unknowing of myself. I didn’t always get everyone’s support, but the unconditional love always remained in my family.

For those who doesn’t have that luxury, I do apologize and pray that you find a beautiful extended/adopting family who can take you in and love you and support you unconditionally, because no one should live in this world, alone. For the families who has the balls and disgrace of disowning a child or a family member just because they may be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual, fuck you!

Now, everyone knows I’m an activist for equal rights for all of my minority friends, whether they are gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, African American, Hispanic, Latin, etc. Why, since I was basically outcasted when I chose the road I wanted in the relationship department in my small community? Basically because of the cliche, just because there are a few bad apples in a tree, doesn’t make the whole tree bad. If it wasn’t for my “extended” family in the LGBT community, who has excepted me for who I am and always been by my side through the dark hours of my life, I probably too would be full of hate for the whole community, myself. 

Bottom line: The people in my life have helped me realize that hate is not apart of me, nor will ever be regardless what may come in any situation. I will continue to stand for equal rights, regardless of anyone’s argument on this matter.

And for the individuals who discriminate within the LGBT community, you have no right too. In order to earn respect, you have to give it. In order for the community to be a whole, you have to learn to co-exist, before you can co-exist with the rest of the world. I hope this blog finds you forgiveness and love. Reality has spoken.

Until next time…


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