Keep Building On Your Foundation of Dreams, Find Refreshing Opportunities

2014 is already hitting the good life. I am one who loves to promote my team. I am not just speaking about the #CCIU team. I am speaking on any artists I find are potential worthy and hard working. Also, artists that are not too arrogant with their skills. The beautiful thing is, what you give into this world, is what you will receive. That goes with careers, dreams, & relationships.

With that being said, I am happy to announce that I have had the opportunity to join forces with We Poets Show It, as one of their administration members on their Facebook page. If you have not heard of the site, the crew are a few poets who came together and had the idea to promote art of all sorts like poetry, short stories, music, photography, etc. More details are revealed on the website, It’s a bright network connection and very organized. Huge kudos to those you are part of the team!

After my own submissions on the page & my own good Samaritan promotions to get these beautiful people on board and exposed, I’m added to the team. I love this. Why? It shows me that art is NOT constraint as people want to believe. You just need to know where to find and look for the art you want to possess and expose to the world! This is a revolution the world prefers to see. Artists making their own footprints in the sand. Whether the names shine through during their lifetime or maybe the names will shine through more later with future generations.

All I know, my year is already lined up to be a busy one.  If I can do all of this amazing work towards my dreams, you can too! Get with the dreamers! The picture will brighten in your vision sooner than you think. You can’t receive if you don’t give out to the world without expectations. Also, if you lose out on expectations in life, your heart will go along with the rest of the world a lot better! Share your smile to those who need it. Inspiration is what keeps us all moving, individually and as a team!

Until Next Time…

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