Be Around Those With Similar Goals Like You, Be A Team

So it seems the start of the career that YOU WANT is the hardest part of the whole time you put forth in it. Fortunately, as I am trying to peak through with my artistic skills, I have probably one of the best support team anyone can ask for. The backbone of what keeps me holding on. I also surround myself and have benefited being around artists and dreamers of all sorts that have been in their fields of dreams for quite sometime. Not everyone has that opportunity. I also have a team of  friends who are also helping me, one way or another, to get where I want to be in my life. To top that off, if I need advice, I always have people who are always there for me and give me the knowledge I need to move forward with my next task.

One of my 2014’s goal is to organize my artistic abilities under ONE NAME, amongst time management. A challenge I always struggled with, but with a financial boost to help me by going back to school earlier than plan, I can make it happen for myself. Forget about the struggles I may be having with the military, these new goals I have for 2014 is going to help me therapeutically since my art has helped me more than any medication, counseling, alcohol or smoking ever has. It’s my fuel to stay clean and rise above once and for all in my trouble times.

So if you feel you are sitting alone with your dreams and no one to back you, find the people with the same life beliefs and mission as you and you will get farther than you EVER thought you could ever be. Also, surround yourself with people who see your potential and will advice and help you when needed. Trust me, it’s a beautiful thing when others are out there helping you as you are helping yourself. Also if you are part of a positive team, they will push you to better yourself and your skills with good intentions and good motivation. The team will not try to hold you down, but instead allow you to spread your wings and fly with your strongest talents. Networking and connecting, is a huge success, if you want it bad enough.

I look back to when I started this blog, started to return to my poetry, and post my photography, post my recipes, and I never thought I be able be at where I am at today. The only way is up from here. 2014 is going to be epic. Just need to push a little harder this coming year and with my time management and organizational falling into place and sticking to it, it will be done.

Besides, I have a bucket list to complete in 363 days and counting. (Laughing)

So I end this blog with a little motivational push from Shania Twain. Love this song! (Smiling)

Until Next Time…

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