Prioritizing Projects In A Chaotic Life

“Chaos Fire” Courtesy of Dbzheir

Lately, life has just been of chaos. Or so I feel. Part of the problem is the lack of prioritizing my projects, events, & the people in my life. The chaos also brings major anxiety and impatience. Organization is of necessity at the moment. Anyone else feel the same problems sometimes?

The last scenic photo session I have done was possibly about three months ago. As much as I would love to keep working, I put my novel projects aside due to the lack of research. My poetry is my priority at the moment. I need to focus that image, instead of trying to do everything at once. Soon, school will once again be of priority, as well as being a photographer again for a clothing line.

It’s a challenge when your “to do” list is a mile long, with photo shoots, novels, memoirs, poetry, photography, school, and recently I released a Hip-Hop song, called “Rise Above”, and will start to produce music as well. I have this edge to want to do everything! I just can’t be satisfied with just one direction towards my dreams (laughing). Again, anyone else in the art field with the same problem?

It’s frustrating, but at the same time, I don’t get tired of doing the same things over and over again. A calendar/planner and starting to use my calendar on my phone is a must, but it seems so clustered when all these social networks events all synced into the calendar. I never been too tech savvy. Even with progress, I try to find ways to keep me old school in a sense, but if I want to get where I am going with life, I guess the way to go is to sacrifice myself a bit more (laughing).

I also notice the more I write in my blog, the more audience I draw into my world from all walks of life. I just wish I had something worthy to write on a day-to-day basis. But I don’t (laughing). Once school starts though, I’ll be taking “Philosophy of the Arts” as a class, so that will be a extremely exquisite topic to post about on this blog.

 I was thinking of posting some of my poetry and proses back up with some of the fan fictions I have still on this blog site, but I think the other sites my poetry reside on are a bit more legitimate, but is it possible to continue to publish more here and there at the same time? What’s the “rule” for self-publishing poetry or stories?

This is not the only information I lack with my future goals. Research needs to be bumped up on the priority list. I learned that with a conversation I had with a dear friend and a mentor of mine when it comes to writing and publishing. I suggest if you are lacking in anything when it comes to information, promotions, etc. You should educate yourself the tricks and trade. It’s different on all walks of life of where you want to be anyways. With music, you need to learn or relearn the techniques of your voice, singing, etc. With performing as a whole, if choreography is involved, practice, practice, practice! If it’s reciting poetry, find how to deliver that message. It’s like taking a speech class. You need a solid structure, a solid message, and out comes a solid confidence. Also practicing needs to mandatory. When it comes to writing, grammar, publications, & if you really want to make the story come alive, research, especially the location of the story. Unless you are writing a fantasy, then go to town with your imagination like Chronicles of Narnia. Whatever it is, EDUCATE & PRIORITIZE YOUR GOALS! The more the organization, the less the stress and tension, and the more understanding of the steps needed to be taken. Don’t be like me at the moment (laughing).

Until Next Time…

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