My Bucket List For 2014

Resolutions. What’s the purpose for them? Some people make them, some people keep to them, some people just say screw it, all in all. I feel it is important to have goals each year. Why? It helps improve your life to the life you want to truly live. You know that pursuit of happiness shebang that most people don’t believe in anymore? Fuck it. I will til the day I die. Probably why I keep fighting towards my dreams and the passions of my life. Probably why I will continue to be a minority in my eyes. The one percent that succeeds to what I truly believe in regardless what the doubters see. If I haven’t been keeping true to my purpose, I wouldn’t be advancing in my life. Yes, there has been ups with downs, but it will only make me stronger, and I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I see it!

Part of the new year is a new image with my blog and changing focus a bit. Keeping people on their toes keeps them curious, that’s the key to keep drawing an audience in. Am I right? It’s okay to say that I am wrong. I won’t take it to heart. You won’t change my lifestyle, just as I don’t see me changing others’ lifestyles. It’s a blog, i.e. my own thoughts and “opinions”, no matter how much facts could or could not back my idealist ideas up. Bottom line, I gain attention and feedback. Good or bad. Whatever.

With that being said, let’s reveal some things on my bucket list for 2014:

*I am going back to school before my move to California starting in January. My mind needs the occupation and my pockets don’t mind the extra cash, so I can continue to work towards my dreams more.

*It’s a slow start, but surely I am recording some of my poetry into music. I have already starting reciting poems on stage at Open Mics at a local coffee shop, but now I am transforming my artistry some more for my audience’s pleasure. 

*Returning to local concerts for my musically inclined artistic friends. I been on a hiatus with them for awhile now. I already been talking to one of my friends about a night to just unite and hang. It’ll help also to support them more, so they can support my crew in Chicago as well and we can all support and network with each other. Nothing like building an independent empire away from corporations.

*Here’s a short one for you. Transform “Psychological Demons” from a short story to a novel and have it be my next publishing project as an author.

*More trips, business and personal, to Chicago. I have a job opportunity coming up with my friend, Chad’s, clothing line, Command & Supply Clothing, as a photographer and model to help his promotions.  As well as, continue to work more with my crew from Chi City Inc label.

*Speaking of the photography field, I need to network with my friend, Mike, and his photography business called, Canvassy Images. I have a photo shoot with him reserved up in St. Paul/Minneapolis area. That’s expanding my name and artistry even more. I am possibly going to expand my credentials back to the modeling field this coming year, as well, like I use to do back in 2008-2010 during my drag king/performing years.

*Reaching back out to my friends & family in the LGBT community. Honestly, I have been on a hiatus for a long time with them too. Since I quit performing. It is time to get back into a more active role with my troupe, Ravyn Entertainment. They took me in when I was still a nobody, technically. My first semi-fame experience in the LGBT community was all due to the fact that the founders of RE gave me a chance before anyone else did. I know where I started my performing arts career, and I am not going to drop my LGBT family like rocks in a pond. I will always be Pro-LGBT. During my darkest days, they put up with my shit and love me regardless, until I discovered my unique way of life. For that, I love and support them way too much to ever disown them. I still keep in touch with most of them through social networks, but phone calls mean more than Facebook chats in my eyes. I feel for stronger friendships and relationships, we need to get back to phone calls and more face to face time. I am going to try to work on it, especially for the New Year.

*One of the most important goals for 2014, other than saving up to move, is surely a trip to Montreal, Quebec, to hopefully meet my #1 inspiration in life. Corny, I know. Do I care what you think. Nope. If it doesn’t happen in 2014, I’ll make it happen in 2015. NO MORE WAITING! But the goal is 2014.

I think that is enough resolutions for 2014 in my eyes. It will surely keep me busy, most importantly my mind busy. Good thing I will have weekends off to be able to work towards these resolutions for 2014. Don’t ever forget who you are or where you come from. It’ll keep you grounded during life’s biggest challenges. What are you resolutions for 2014? Have you made any, yet?

Until Next Time…

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