A Tale of Two Tails. Well, One and a Dubbed Tail.

If there is one thing I could probably do forever without feeling guilty of the lack of activities accomplished, it would be cuddling with my dogs. As of right now, we are watching the American Music Awards and see the current scoop in the music industry and chilling on this brisk, lazy day of rest. That, however, is not the focus of this blog. I want to tell you the tale of new hopes and new chapters in not just a human’s life, but in two small set of paws’ world. This experience for me has brought a lot of emotions and challenges, especially when my oldest came from an environment of raw bacon and poor training, and before that, an abusive environment.

Rescue dogs, in my experience, have more of a sense of blessings and loyalty than the average pups from breed owners that we purchase from. Why do I feel this way? I bought three dogs from breed owners before my current pets. Over $1,000 down the drain, due to the owners irresponsibility. Here’s the small history of the three short experiences I had before I get to my current four legged best friends.

The first dog I got from a breeder was a Cocker Spaniel. When I was choosing the pup from the crowd, I couldn’t help but notice a black furred pup sitting in the corner away from the rest of the pups, who were piling up on me at the time. I named this guy, Jax. Little did I know what mess I would get into with him before giving him up to my friend’s aunt. We found out Jax’s parents were over-bred and that would cause Jax to become overly aggressive. He was so aggressive, he destroyed one of my past apartments. You can say the security deposit went out the window after I moved. He currently resides in the country side to be able to run freely and not be coupe up in a small apartment.

As I was struggling with Jax, I decided to also buy a second dog. Duke came from a pug breeder. He had an eye infection since birth, but it wasn’t shown until after I had him for a few months. At first I thought Jax was to rough with Duke, but it was a deeper issue than what was surfaced. I couldn’t afford the dog’s surgery at the time, so I sent the little guy to a friend in Kansas. It was a life or death situation, and I wanted little Duke to live on and have a fulfilling life, even if I had to sacrifice the ownership. Duke is still residing with a family in Kansas and fully recovered successfully from the surgery.

In order to make up for the unfortunates, I informed the breeder of the situation, and to try and make things right, she sent me a second pup and I named her Scout. It was an instant bond. I would have still have had my second pug, Scout, today as well if I just have had chosen the pup sitter a bit wiser while I was put on military orders at my local Army base. But, at ten months old, he broke from his collar and ran away on a cold November evening. Sad,  but I look at the positives and pray someone found him instead of him not making it, at just ten months old, due to being a small breed, and alone on a cold Autumn night. I was broken when I lost my last dog. I don’t have the known status of Scout, but I pray he’s breathing and healthy, even if it’s in my hometown.

Rocky AKA “Bubba”

It would be a year and a half before I saw a calling to take in Rocky, a full bred Miniature Pinscher. A friend of mine was in a financial crisis at the time and needed to find new homes for his three dogs, as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I could hold one. When my friend sent me a picture of Rocky, I fell in love at first sight unlike any of my love relationships. There was one condition, I was the only one that my friend trusted to take in Rocky. He told me the story on how he saved Rocky from the events of abuse to the point of all four legs being broken and malnutrition to the point where he weighed less than ten pounds.

The first day I met Rocky was the day I would bring him home. He was the most territorial dog in my presence, but that’s not what disturbed me. What disturbed me was my friend’s boyfriend was feeding him raw bacon just to get him to warm up to me. He was already overweight from just living in that household. Lack of exercise, rotten teeth, and plus eating raw bacon? In a sense I was relieved he was coming home with me. I understood the beginning of this challenge, but I was confident to make the change for the better of Rocky. For the first two years, Rocky would make his home under furniture, away from me due to his own trust issues. We have had our ups and downs in the past three and a half years I have had him in my possession, but I don’t regret any of the moments that has made today a blessing for him and myself. At the age of nine, this dog is as healthy as can be, even if we can’t the damage that has been done. He understands my heart, fore he doesn’t mind cuddling up to me at night or whenever I need to rest my eyes along with his little brother, Bear.

As for Bear, I rescued him from our local humane society, which is also unfortunately a “kill” humane society.

Bear aka “Baby”

It was one of mine and Rocky’s downside of our relationship when I decided that maybe another dog would be beneficial for the household. How little did I know I was right. I wanted a dog that was a similar breed as Rocky. I searched the Humane Society ads and there was the little guy. A mix of Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua, and/or possibly a Miniature Dachshund. I haven’t been able to verify his decedents, but I know it’s of those three with his bark, body structure, and fur color. 

He was very lively when we first met him, but as soon as we brought him into the house, he quickly tamed himself down. He’s more of a Mama’s boy as well. Bear likes to follow me around the house and cuddle close to me as much as he can. And when I come through the door after a shift from work or other business, he is at the door, wagging his tail playfully, and jumping for joy to see my face. Even if we go outside, he is one of those dogs who doesn’t slip far away from his owner. 

With the benefits of having Bear, Rocky has been able to open up more of himself to me. I think Rocky watches how me and Bear have bond and he seeks that kind of companionship. Both dogs have bonded very well together. I get a kick for when they play together or even cuddle with one another when I am not accessible, like now. 

Having both dogs in my life has help tremendously as well.  Especially during my personal bad days. They like to tag team their Mama and give me plenty of hugs and kisses when I am feeling down and it’s not to long that I am holding them close to me and just laying in solitude with them. Why becoming an introvert has become easier for a social butterfly like me, because my dogs occupy my time, even if it’s as annoying as getting into the garbage and tipping it over for leftovers that I may have attempted to throw away. I am blessed for the two tails that wave happily in my presence.

Bear vs. Slide

Until Next Time,

©H.M. Gautsch

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