The Beginning of a New Dream; Quoting Drake’s Motto, Yolo!

As I age, I seem to be a magnet and surround myself with more and more of the most creative and original people in this world. The most focused individuals who are determined to make their own footprints in this world instead of following someone else’s. Originality is a must in my vision, as well as, open mindedness to the world around you. That’s true solitude and brings peace to your state of mind.

I met Chad Robert, the founder and owner of Supply & Command Clothing, through a mutual friend about a couple years ago. A small town kid with big dreams is our connection in our friendship. After Chad graduated college, he made his moves to leave this small city and start chasing his dreams in the suburbs in Chicago, Illinois, where he currently resides. Let me introduce you to the guy behind Supply & Command Clothing. 

  1. Of all possibilities in life, what influenced you to decide to start a clothing line? Well I’m much influenced with the hip-hop and skateboarding cultures. For years I’d see these groups in their clothes and knew I could do something similar if not definitely better. I got to be very passionate about it and one day just bought a sketch book and started drawing out what I thought could catch on and be popular. That one sketch book has turned into three and my notepad on my iPhone is always updated when I think of something on the go. I thought, ‘Why am I representing this company with some design I know I can do better when I can be promoting myself?’ and that’s what fueled the fire.
  2.  Five years ago from today, did you see yourself with the same dreams of starting your own clothing line or were there other opportunities you saw yourself going for? Five years ago I wouldn’t say I had all that in mind but the seed was definitely planted. When I first was more serious about it was when I started at school for marketing and was always thinking of ways to brand a product. The first I actually sat down with this idea I wanted to call it Dionysus, named after the god of partying and wine, etc. with the logo as grapes. The brand itself has already transformed so much since that time; it’s actually crazy to think about sometimes.
  3.  Who do you see yourself working with in the future with your clothing line? That’s a tough question, ha! I don’t want to say too many names right now because I’ve always felt that would be beneficial to those other companies but the best lifestyle clothing company to me is mine and the most known is Diamond Supply Company. If I could do one collaboration it’d be with them and call it Diamond Supply and Command. See, I’m always thinking. Diamond is just so well respected around the globe and they sort of set the foundation a little for most of what you see.
  4. The last we talked about Supply and Command, we were discussing different charities and organizations for you to send a percentage of the proceeds to. Have you finalized your decision on the organization/charity? Unfortunately, no. I had a broad outline of what I wanted in a charity that would be beneficial to what I wanted to do. 
  5.   What are your reasons for wanting to choose a charity? I support everything veteran related, those are the people I respect so much and something I could never do and am eternally grateful for, so I knew I wanted to do something like that. There are just so many things like supporting their family for a holiday while a veteran is away or like we talked about providing a pet. There are just so many different areas in it. Definitely going to be doing my homework but it’s definitely something to do with the veterans of America.
  6. Right now, you only have t-shirts available. Are you planning to expand your clothing line into other apparel like hoodies, hats, etc.? Oh definitely. Right now I have a five year plan that varies every once and a while. In a year, I’d like to have hats available and hoodies. I wanted to have hoodies so bad this year for the fall/winter collection, but the price just wasn’t right for me. In five years, I’d like to produce my own shoes. Pretty lofty goal, but goals are made to attain. This upcoming spring/summer collection I hope to be able to have some tank tops made and even branch off into making women’s clothing down the road. It’s truly an exciting time.
  7. In your own definition, what does success mean? To me success means so many things. Success is the ability to be able to do something you love and be passionate about. Success is having your closest friends and family believe in you. Success is waking up happy and being able to smile throughout your day. Success is being able to entertain ideas and not feel the need to act on them if you yourself don’t feel entirely okay with it. Success is seeing your dreams become reality right before your eyes. I feel successful already, there’s really nothing that can stop me.
  8. Where do you see Supply and Command being at in a year? In five years? I’m really ambitious and excited for the brand. It may take a year for people to see the vision but once they do I know it’ll all work out for the best. In a year I hope to be doing hats and shirts for various collections and just expanding the brand. I’m going to be doing a lot of my promotion still on Twitter, I always put stuff on there first of designs and drawings. My goal for next year by Halloween is to have 2,500 followers on Twitter. I think that’s very reachable and who knows maybe it’ll be 25,000 instead. In five years I hope to be able to either open my own store or be picked up by a store like Tilly’s or Pac Sun or JC Penney’s or someplace similar.  Like I said, by that time the brand will expand greatly into shoes and such and anything is possible, right? I’m just a kid from Blue River, Wisconsin but that’s neither here nor there.

As October comes to a close, Chad begins a new chapter with Supply & Command Clothing. Starting November 1st, 2013 the original logo design will be restocked, as well as, a crossword puzzle design, a hash tag design, keep calm and command the supply design, and a bleeding logo design will be introduced. It looks like Chad is fairly on his way with his clothing line.  You can stay updated on the S&CClothing or follow it’s twitter account: @sandcclothing
Chad, I just want to take the time to wish you the very best in your endeavors.
Chad: I want to thank you so much for this interview. It really means a lot. I’m so grateful. 


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