The Social Media Guru of The Jedi Clan Speaks Out

“Give Art Give Hope” Photo Shoot

So, I been told my image is intimidating for strangers. I give off a hard exposure, especially with my glasses off of my face. Maybe I prefer it. Like of a pirate or a biker image that only the bold would have the balls to come towards me. Being that I was raised around bikers and farmers, fashion is the least of my worries, when it comes to image. Reality is, life is too short to be uncomfortable in your own skin. I am more comfortable in a pair of chaps and leather jacket anyways. Just kidding, but the bandana and a pair of comfy jeans is where it’s at with me. If I could afford a motorcycle, I would have one in a heart beat, that is for sure. 

But, enough of the fashion police statement. The heart isn’t the clothes you wear, but what is beyond the “clay pottery” we display on the surface, as well as, the smile we portray with the aura in your surroundings. One of my all-time quotes is from Jack Canfield in a birthday card I got from one of my dearest friends, Jon Nehl, on my 21st birthday while we were both stationed in Iraq. He was like the big, big, brother I never had since he was older than me than both my brothers combined. The quote as is:

Once, a group of Siamese monks covered their precious golden Buddha with an outer covering of clay to keep their treasure from being looted.

The golden figure lay hidden for centuries.

We are all like the clay Buddha covered with a shell of hardness created out of fear, and yet underneath is a ‘golden essence’, our real self. Sometime along the way we began to cover up our natural self. Our task now is to discover our true essence once again.” 
– Jack Canfield

Many wouldn’t know how I use to be so insecure with myself in the past with the phases and images I went through during my early years of evolution of my discovery of myself. I didn’t know who I was. So when I took the time away from the social networking and entertainment scene, I looked deep within my heart to figure out who I was, who I want to be, and where I want to be. No, I didn’t go to God. But with my discovery, I also realize that I just want to be people’s ray of sunshine beaming through the darkness of this World and now that I am pretty open about my past with my audience, I guess one can relate me to Lady Gaga of all entertainers since we have similar path ways, but yet, both are originals, our own being. Let people label if it makes them feel better, but the threat is I know who I am and I know exactly what I want in life, now.

Now you are probably questioning what the hell is she getting at? Is she a golden Buddha underneath it all? Possibly, but who really knows. I do know this, the Buddhas that hide in this World all strive for a better future and we also strive for a better evolution that we envision in our own eyes and minds. We can be anyone. An individual in a suit and tie, or an individual who is all tatted up and piercings all over. That is what I surely learned during the past weekend during our Give Art Give Hope photo shoot in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The most edged individuals with the most hardcore images can be also the most soft-heartened individuals in this World, but today’s society is too busy to just peel off the first layer of one’s skin that they easily forget what is deeper than the cells that create the bodies of humanity. Did we already forget that tattoos and piercings were also presented in the ancient tribes of the ancient civilizations? Before there was an image of Jesus, of Muhammad, and/or of Abraham? Before the known existence of God? 

People also confuse my sense of humor with being ignorant, my confidence with cockiness, my choice of lifestyle with arrogance, or if I speak out against the reality of the Corporation World or in favor of the providence of Quebec, I am automatically liberalizing. Assumptions are like asses, everyone has one, but I am slowly learning to break the chains of not giving a fuck and follow my heart in life and in my writings. I refuse to live my life in regret, I want more. I want to be a voice that helps change the World for the better during these gloomy days and do my part to donate or physically help out my favorite non-profit organizations, missions, campaigns, communities, and movements including (but not limited to):

Ravyn Entertainment, LLC

JDC Photography – GAGH
Sierra Club


Fondation Rivières
One Love, One Life


Chi City Inc

Until Next Time,

H.M. Gautsch©2013

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