My, One Time Only, Political Rant. Why? Because I Can.

Chuck Norris for President

Last night I just had a fiasco on one of Kevin Sorbo’s political rants on the current government situation in the US. Here is the poor proof of how the other fans, along with the majority of the society, is quick to judge based off of one comment an individual had made. Now I took names out of the equation, for the respect of Kevin Sorbo and his other fans. This is based off of Kevin’s copy/paste about how Wal-Mart is all success with their profits compared to the government.

No matter what fence you live on, realize one fact or opinion doesn’t make an individual’s belief a whole.

Politics is a widely complex topic, but since I expressed my negative experience with Wal-Mart, I am now stereotyped as a liberal rat stuck in a maze that approves of “Obama Care”. Now, whether I approve of this current situation of the government’s attempts to turn the US economy around with money the World does not have, is besides the point. Life is always about lessons learned, I just sometimes wish I can keep my mouth shut.

I understand everyone has their own experiences with anything in life, it is how we come up with the things we like and don’t like. None of us are actually one in the same and are 100% in common with each other. We all come from all sorts of walks of life, raised in different environments, ect. I was raised with a strong Republican stepfather and a Democratic mother. Yet, they met, fell in love and have been married for sixteen-seventeen years. Again, my mother was born Roman Catholic and my stepfather is a Protestant Luthern, my stepfather has a stronger tie with his religion background than my mother does. Again, no divorce in the future.

As for me, I am pro-LGBT, but I am not out there liberalizing and smoking weed, I am also pro-military, but I am not pro-war in situations that doesn’t involve the US, for example, Syria. I am pro-second amendment, but I also know that automatic weapons are not needed in America’s society. Truth be told, more damage is done with just a simple shotgun for property and family protection, not an automatic weapon. Not everyone can effectively shoot an automatic weapon in the first place. I am considered a “feminist” due to my independence and cleaning up my act of not referring myself as a “bitch” anymore, but deep down I appreciate chivalry and approve of it. Some of my friends even joke that my personality is relevant to Xena: The Warrior Princess. I love animals and disapprove of animal abuse, but I also am not an extreme to the vegan ways. I love me my chicken, seafood and bacon  too much. I am financial conservative, whereas, I get shit pay, below the poverty line, but yet, you don’t see me applying for government assistance like food stamps, I make due with the money I have, even if it is from paycheck to paycheck. It’s not like the paper money is of true value anyways, I mean, Gold isn’t backing it up for value, so please tell me what is? Trees? What’s the true value of trees in a money factor other than destruction to the planet, but then again, that’s not true value anyways. The only assistance I feel I have actually earned is my compensation pay through the Veteran’s Affair for my disability with PTSD and the government wants to take that way from us, veterans? I am also conservative with natural elements and the circle of life, yet I love my entertainment hobbies of movies and music. I clarify myself as an independent, not Democratic or Republican. I vote for the man, not the party. I dedicate my life to the country, not the political bullshit of it and where is it getting me?

I try hard not to judge but narrow minded individuals make it very hard. Before you call me out for being narrow-minded, have a strong argument with it because in reality I have friends of all walks of political rants and beliefs, along with religious beliefs, in and outside the military field. We are even to the point of respect in life with the common ground of I don’t bust your nuts for your point of views on life, if you don’t try to kick my vagina due to mine. I have friends with criminal records, I have friends within the LGBT community, I have friends from around the World including Iraq & the United Kingdom, etc. Now, as I release my beliefs to my blog, is this me being hypocritical, or is this merely a fine silver lining and an acceptance of a median of the beliefs. It’s is a gray area, not black and white, the virtue of politics exists in. I just wish more people could see it or speak up about it in a sense.

Another purpose why I am particular with Kevin Sorbo, is because, he his very outspoken with his Christianity and conservative political views and he has lost fans for the reasoning and gets opportunities passed up for his beliefs. People judge actors and entertainers, nowadays, based on political and religious beliefs nowadays. Even in Hollywood, Kevin Sorbo is on their so-called ‘Blacklist’, but I see him progressing with his acting more than the majority of the “middle-class” acting era in the 1990s, whether it is independent films or TV channels like Hallmark. This current fiasco isn’t going to allow Kevin to lose a fan, because bottom line, Kevin didn’t have nothing to do with his fans remarks. There are some points I believe with him, others, not so much. Hell, I even donated to Kick-starter for the current film he wants to go in production called Chronology. If that’s not appreciation of his master of skills and art, instead of his political rants, I don’t know what else to tell you anymore.

Life is about lessons learned and evolving from it. Yesterdays’ media and networking fiasco has taught me that. As selfish as it may sound, it’s time to go back to focusing on me and not the chaos around me. Society is driving me crazy at the moment.

Until Next Time,

 H.M. Gautsch©2013

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