Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. IV

LFN Fan Fiction – “Nightmares”
(Written By: H. M.)

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at


(Shayne’s Dream) – Mission – Ukraine

Shayne is in the kneeling position in a grassy field outside a fenced power plant, with an M4 rifle wrapped around her shoulder, an intercom head set snugged tight onto her head underneath a stocking hat, scanning the scene with her night vision goggles. She also has a 9MM in her hip holster for a safety net.  She’s on a mission seemingly alone. As she continues to scan the surrounding area, she can hear and see troops talking and patrolling the compound. Out of nowhere, Adam approaches next to Shayne and startles her. She seemingly doesn’t know what is going on. Adam squats next to Shayne, like he belongs on the mission with her. 

Adam – “What’s up, Sis.”

Shayne – (Bluntly confused) – “Uh. What are you doing here?”

Adam – “On this mission, like you.”

Shayne still being confused isn’t feeling right about this mission. Last she checked, Adam was just adjusting to containment while she was training for a mission with Michael. 

Shayne (through the intercom) – “Mom? What is going on right now?”

Quinn (through the comm set) – “She’s going through denial again, Michael.”

Shayne – “I can hear you, Quinn. What is going on!?”

Quinn – (through the comm set) – “Sorry, Shayne. Michael needs to be notified.”

Shayne – “What the hell are you talking about?”

Quinn –(through the comm set) – “Shayne, what day is it?”

Shayne – “Thursday, 21 of April.”

Quinn –(through the comm set) – “Michael, you better get them out of there.”

Adam (chuckling) – “Are you lost in time again, sis?”

Shayne – “What the hell are you talking about?”

Adam – “Well, one, it’s June 6, a Monday, and we are in Ukraine.”

Shayne – “Where’s my mother?”

Adam – “I was getting there. Two, your mother has been dead for a month now.”

Shayne shocked and angered at the statement Adam made, doesn’t hesitate to drop her M4 and puts Adam in a choke hold. 

Shayne – “What the hell did you say!?”

Michael (through the comm set) – “Shayne.”

Adam is struggling by his sister’s strength as his eyes light up like he’s seeing a ghost. All of a sudden, Michael shows up out of nowhere through fog that just appeared in his own mission outfit and 9MM in his hand. Shayne is still strangling Adam in her choke hold out of anger as she screams and Adam is gasping for air.

Shayne – “Noooooo!”

Section One – Training Bay

Shayne’s first training since she’s been off abeyance for her involvement with shooting Adam. Nikita is trying to give direction to Shayne for combative training as Shayne is daydreaming off to another land. Nikita notices her dazing off and not paying attention. 

Nikita – “Shayne!”

Shayne snaps back into the present time.

Shayne – “Sorry.”

Nikita – “Did you get any sleep last night?”

Shayne – (Trying to avoid eye contact with Nikita) “Yeah, I did”.

Nikita tries to move her body with Shayne’s to try and get some eye contact with her. Shayne finally looks up straight at Nikita a bit agitated. 

Shayne – “Mom, I’m fine.”

Nikita tries to grab Shayne as she tries to walk away from Nikita.

Nikita – “Shayne, you need to focus.”

Shayne – “I’m trying!”

Nikita – “Trying isn’t good enough. Michael needs you for this mission.”

Shayne – “The Lebanon mission? I been prepping for that mission since before you threw me in abeyance.”

Nikita – “The Lebanon mission has been pushed down on the priority list, Shayne. There’s a new mission on top of the priority list.”

Shayne – “Now, where are we going? Disneyland?”

As Shayne finishes her sentence, Michael walks into the training bay and watches Nikita and Shayne having a moment from the railing. Nikita disappointed in Shayne’s attitude walks towards her water bottle and towel on the corner of the mat and picks up the towel and wipes the sweat she has been working during Shayne’s training hours. As she wipes her back shoulders, she walks to Michael. Shayne walks over to her boxing gear, puts on her wraps and heads towards the boxing bag and goes at it like she’s in a match.)

Michael – “How is she?”

Nikita – (sighs) “She’s back to the old Shayne, cranky, edgy, a delinquent and I don’t think she’s been sleeping much. (pauses, as both watch Shayne from a distance.) I think she gets the delinquent side from you, Michael.”

Michael shares a small smirk with Nikita as they turn their attention back towards Shayne’s boxing training.

Michael – “Would you like me to take care of her?”

Nikita – “I wish you the best, Michael.”

Michael strolls down the rail to meet up with Shayne.

Michael – “Shayne.”

Michael motions Shayne towards him. Shayne stops beating on the bag with her jab, reverse and uppercuts, makes eye contact with Michael and heads over towards him on his demand.

Shayne – “Yes, father?”

Michael – “We leave in 48 hours for our mission. I suggest you focus on the training that Nikita is giving you.”

Shayne – “What makes both of you think I am not focusing?”

Michael – “There’s a briefing in thirty minutes.”

Shayne grabs her gear before heading to munitions. As she walks out of the training bay, Adam walks in with guards assisting him.  As Shayne reaches the door way where Adam is standing at attention, Adam and Shayne exchange intense looks to one another.  As Shayne keeps walking away and avoids the situation, Adam keeps his eyes on her and watches her walk down the hallway. Michael walks up to Adam and examines his body language.

Michael – “Are you ready?”

Adam switches his attention on Michael.

Adam – “Ready for what?”

Michael – “Your first day of training?”

Adam – “How am I supposed to train with these guys humping my back twenty four seven?”

Michael signals the guards for dismissal. The guards leave the training bay. Michael uses his hand signals to point Adam towards the floor with the rest of the recruits. 

Michael – “If you need anything, Nikita will be your point of contact until I return.”

With no response, Adam joins the rest of the recruits for his first day of training. 

Mission – Fredrikstad, Norway – Hotel

In the lobby of a hotel, Shayne watches Michael from a distance, as he checks into a room for him and Shayne. The luggage of four bags, two big (probably for their clothes and other essentials) and two small, is sitting next to Shayne. Michael thanks the man at the front desk and makes his way towards Shayne. Michael hands a hotel key and some brochures to Shayne.

Michael – “Room 2-34”

Shayne – “Well, at least we aren’t on the first floor. What are the brochures for?”

Michael – “I figured we do some sight-seeing tomorrow. There’s a little coffee shop around the corner and a restaurant across town that I’ve wanted to try for a few years now.”

Shayne – “Already trying to bond with me, I see.”

Michael shows a small smile to Shayne. Shayne looks down at the luggage. 

Shayne – “The luggage isn’t getting to the rooms themselves.”

Michael and Shayne grab their luggage and head towards the elevator and gets in. The elevator door closes.

Section One – Nikita’s Perch

Nikita is watching over Section as she has adjusted well to do over the years. Madeline appears. 

Nikita – “Hello, Madeline.”

Madeline – “Hello, Nikita.”

Nikita – “What is Adam’s status?”

Madeline – “Surprisingly well. The Gelman process has been affective.”

Nikita – “Good. We erased his memory from the last three months with him in containment?”

Madeline – “As well as most of his years in Red Cell possession.”

Nikita – “Now it’ll be easier to keep him focused on his training with Jason in systems and Wolfe in munitions all the while Shayne and Michael are on their own mission to bring in Odin.”

Madeline – “If there are any issues, you will be the first to know.”

Nikita – “Thank you, Madeline.”

Madeline disaggregates out of the perch and Nikita continues on to watch out of the perch amongst her young operatives across in systems training with Jason. 

Mission – Fredrikstad, Norway – Hotel Room

It’s evening. Michael is at the table in the room on the lap top working on his intel provided for the mission. Shayne is sleeping on one of the two beds in the room as she is exhausted from the traveling. Shayne has been squirming in her blankets as Michael keeps an eye on her while trying to do his work. Michael notices the purpose of her squirms and makes his way to the bathroom sink to get her a glass of water and make his way to her bed. He sits at the edge of the bed and then puts the glass down on the end table. Shayne quickly reacts to the presence and jumps up from her dreams. Michael adjusts his arms to reach out to Shayne to try and calm her.

Michael – “It’s me.”

Shayne without saying anything tries to wipe the sweat on her face she endured while stuck in her dreams with her extra-large t-shirt she wears for pajamas. Michael tries to make eye contact with Shayne as she continues to also try to calm her breathing. 

Michael – “Are you okay?”

Shayne still without a reply grabs the glass on the end table and helps herself with the water. 

Michael – “Shayne. Talk to me.”

Shayne – “I’m fine.”

Michael – “No, you’re not. How long has this been going on?”

Shayne realizing that she can’t hide her insomnia anymore from her parents finally caves in to Michael.

Shayne – Uh. I don’t know. Three months now?”

Michael – “Why didn’t you say anything to Nikita?”

Shayne – “She has enough to worry about with me, you and Adam combined. I didn’t want to give her any more stress then what she already has.”

Michael – “We can’t help you if we don’t know what’s wrong?”

Shayne – “Honestly, Michael. I’ll be fine.”

Shayne looks at the alarm clock next to the bed. It’s 04:30 in the morning.

Shayne – “It’s time to get up anyways.”

She helps herself out of bed and grabs some more water for the glass Michael had given her.

Shayne – “Thanks for the water.”

Michael – “You’re welcome.”

Michael makes his way back to his lap top area to check again on the status of the mission. Shayne walks over and stands behind as she looks on with Michael on the screen. 

Shayne – “What do you have so far?”

Michael – “Odin has been hiding in an abandon fishing boat with a shadow team in Slevic. I believe that’s where the sub-station for Red Cell is for Western Europe right now.”

Shayne – “It’s easy and still capable of being mobile if need be.”

Michael – “Yes.”

Shayne – (talking to the screen) – “You are clever, Odin. (Pause.) What are the numbers for the Shadow team as well as the security on the ship?”

Michael – “Five to one, as of right now. The intel may change.”

Shayne – “We will need back up.”

Michael – “Possibly.”

Michael shuts down the screen and shuts the lap top. 

Michael – “I’ll make some coffee. Call your mother and give her the updated intel.”

Michael hands over his cell phone to Shayne as he gets up from his chair. Shayne begins to dial the number to Section One as Michael makes his way to the sink next to the bathroom, where the coffee maker is sitting with mini packets of coffee. 

Shayne – “Quinn, it’s me, Shayne. Can I speak with  my mother?”

Section One – Nikita’s Perch

Quinn (over the intercom) – “Nikita, Shayne is on the phone for you.”

Nikita – “Send her through.”

Nikita decodes the panel to answer her daughter’s call.

Nikita – “Shayne. What is it?”

Shayne (through the phone) – “Michael has new intel. We found Odin.”

Nikita – “Numbers?”

Shayne – (through the phone) “Five to one as of right now. Michael indicates that it may change in a couple of days. We will have to move fast if we want to catch this guy and take out the sub-station we found.”

Nikita – “Where’s Michael?”

Shayne – (through the phone) “Uh, he’s making coffee.”

Nikita can’t help, but smile at the unexpected, but good news. It sounds like progress for her family’s relationship.

Nikita – “Put him on the phone please, Shayne.”

Shayne – “One moment.”

Michael – (through the phone) “Shayne, get ready. (Directs his conversation to Nikita) Yes?”

Nikita – “I just wanted to hear your voice. I am guessing positive progress on the mission?”

Michael – “It is, but one thing. (Pauses.) She’s been having nightmares and struggling with insomnia.”

Nikita’s smile fades a bit from the discomfort news Michael reveals over the phone.

Michael – “Nikita.”

Nikita – “We will have to wait for both of your returns to get her the proper treatment. Just be safe and protect her, Michael. I want both of you to come home in one piece.”

Michael – “Of course.”

Michael and Nikita end the connection and go back to their current routines, Nikita watching over Section in the perch and Michael getting ready to head on to his day adventures with his daughter. Nikita dims the perch’s windows for some alone time, as Michael puts on a brown leather jacket to blend in more with the everyday citizens in Norway.

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