Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. III

LFN Fan Fiction – “Redemption”.

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at

Shayne is held in Containment as Adam is tied up in the White Room, awaiting his interrogation. In Containment, there’s a boxing bag hanging from the ceiling. Shayne seems to be a little distressed, as she paces back and forth in the small room. She takes a seat at the edge of the bed that is across the room from the boxing bag and watches the bag just stand still. She looks down on the side of the bed and notices some boxing gloves just lying around next to an IPod. Shayne picks up the headphones and straps the IPod on her arm. She hits play which in her ears starts to play, “I Will Not Bow” By Breaking Benjamin. She picks up the boxing gloves, straps them on her hands and starts her kickboxing session with the boxing bag. Nikita and Michael watches from a monitor outside the containment area.

Section One – Hallway:

You can tell Nikita is torn about the situation at hand. Adam is the enemy and Shayne seems to be lost in her own world, trying to figure out which path to choose from this tormented lifestyle.

Nikita – “I damaged her, Michael. I brought her in too young.”

Michael – “Don’t blame yourself. You did it to protect her.”

Nikita – (Looks at Michael) “I wonder what it would be like If I didn’t bring her into this lifestyle. I wonder if it’s now us she needs to be protected from.”

Michael – “She’ll be alright. Give it time.”

Nikita – “How much time, Michael? She shot her own brother!”

Feeling the tense from the situation, Michael being the lack of emotions, mysterious character he is just exchanges looks with Nikita without an answer and walks off towards the White Room where Adam is getting tortured and interrogated by the twins and the A.I. of Madeline.

Section One – White Room:

Madeline is standing on the left side of Adam as the torture twins pack up their gadgets and toys they used on him for the interrogation procedures. Michael walks in and shuts the door. Michael examines Adam from feet to head. He noticed they bandaged up the shot wound that Shayne has presented him for a “welcome home” gift. Adam seems to be a little beat up with a few scratches on his face. His veins are popping out from the drugs the torture twins induced into him to try and get the information they need on Red Cell and The Collective’s plan with one another. As Michael looks into Adam’s eyes, he sees no emotion, but hatred and anger.

Michael – “What did you get out of him, Madeline?”

Madeline – “Nothing much, unfortunately. He is just as resistant as his father when it comes to interrogations.”

Michael hand signals the twins to exit the white room. They nod, grab their suitcases and exit without hesitation or questioning. Michael continues to pace around the chair and examine Adam, as Adam stares blank at the door that the torture twins exit out of. Madeline leans in and kneels down to Adam.

Madeline – “Adam. We are not going to kill you. That is way too easy for our taste. Tell Michael what he needs to know and the torturing stops.”

Adam (slowly turns his head at Madeline) – “Bite me, lady.”

Michael stops his walk around the chair and stands right in front of Adam. Adam switches his focus on his father.

Adam – “You know what, father? You should have stayed out of this. Red Cell and The Collective has found out about Shayne, and because of your involvement and it gives me more leverage in this cat and mouse game you think Section One will win. In this chair, being dead, or still in the game, myself, it will continue.”

Section One – Communications:

As Michael and Nikita try to sort out their family issues, Quinn and Jasmine take control of the side mission that Mendez and some new recruits, including Stephen Wolfe, are on a mission in Munich, Germany. A small organization linked to Red Cell called Gray Sky has been sitting in Munich, Germany for three years. Quinn found the hot spot underground, underneath a hotel. Mendez and his recruits are in the van prepping for executing the mission.

Quinn – (through the Comm Set) “Alright, Mendez, I see five hostiles in the basement of the hotel and at least twenty in the hotel alone.”

Mendez – (In Germany) “The big dogs must be in the basement.”

Jasmine – (Through the Comm Set) “We want as little collateral damage as possible, Mendez. That includes citizens.”

Mendez – “Got it Kwong. (Directs instructions to the recruits) Listen up boys and girls, ladies and gents. This is a minor mission; there shouldn’t be any issue when we capture the target. Don’t shoot the innocence. If you do, it’s a month in containment. Got it?”

Recruits – “Yes sir!”

Mendez – “Remember, this isn’t training anymore, this is the real deal. Stephen, your team will round about and go through the back of the Hotel, my team will go through the front. (Stephen nods) Let’s go!”

Mendez and his recruits exit out of the van that’s parked behind bushes that are facing the hotel. Mendez and his group of four walk up to the front of the hotel. As a Gray Sky member spots them and starts following them, Mendez quickly turns around, shoots him with a silencer pistol. Two members of his team quickly take the body out of sight around the building. Mendez walks up to the front counter and talks silently in German to the lady working the counter.

Mendez – “Guten Morgen. Ich möchte mit Ihrem chef sprechen.”

Mendez slowly reveals his weapon to the lady.

Mendez – “No sudden moves. Now, where can I find him?”

Lady – (German Accent) – “He’s in his office, in the basement.”

Another young recruit from Mendez’s team gets behind the counter, knocks the lady out with a butt stroke to the head and takes his coat off to reveal his outfit as a hotel keeper. The two recruits come in from outside and goes behind the counter to take the lady into the back room.

Mendez – “Now, you are our eyes and ears. Anything fishy let me know through our Comms.”

Recruit #1 – “Yes, sir.”

Mendez – (Through the Comm) “Are you in position, Wolfe?”

Wolfe – “I’m in position.”

Mendez – “Move to position #2. Now! We only have a 10 minute window before the hotel lobby opens. Let’s get in and get out.”

Wolfe – “My team is entering the elevator, Mendez.”

Mendez – “Cooper, stand at your position. Rest of you, follow me. We will take the stairs.”

Section One – Containment Room:

Shayne is lying on the floor with her legs up on her bed. She has her eyes closed, arms behind her head and headphones on her ears. Her choice of music is back to her alternative rock with Breaking Benjamin’s “I Will Not Bow”. Nikita walks into the containment room that holds Shayne, walks around Shayne’s body and sits on the bed. Shayne opens her eyes and shares a stare with her mother. She slowly takes off her headphones.

Shayne – “What do you want?”

Nikita – “Just to spend time with you.”

Shayne – “So how long are you and daddy keeping me cooped up in this hole?”

Nikita – “How long are you going to be angry with me?”

Shayne rolls her eyes and puts her headphones back on trying to avoid the conversation. Nikita bends over and grabs the headphones from Shayne’s head.

Nikita – “Talk to me, please. I miss the old us. Our silly conversations at the coffee shops, our laughter and memories we share.”

Shayne – “What do you want me to say, mother? You threw me in containment.”

Nikita – “Just because you are my daughter, doesn’t mean you are going to get any special treatment. You were being juvenile, what was I supposed to do?”

Shayne gets up from where she was lying and starts pacing the room back and forth. Nikita can tell Shayne is getting all worked up about the whole situation. Nikita gets up from the bed and walks over to Shayne. Nikita slowly gestures a hug with Shayne. Shayne starts crying.

Shayne – “I can’t do this anymore, mom. I’m not strong like you. Maybe it’s best to just keep me in containment until all of this is over.”

Shayne holds onto her mother tightly as if she was a little girl again. Nikita is tempted to take advantage of Shayne’s weak moment and smiles in relief of Shayne’s soft side that’s finally coming out.

Nikita – “Now listen to me. I need you to get your game face on. I am depending on you right now. It’s a very difficult situation for Michael being torn between his family. I know you don’t see it right now, but he loves you. He wanted the best for you since day one when you came into this world. Trust me with what I am telling you.”

Shayne – (wiping her tears from her eyes, walks over to the bed and sits down) “I can try, I guess, but it’s not right for him to be walking in and out of our lives like he has the past nineteen years. You both shouldn’t have hid Adam from me.”

Nikita – “If you are mad about that, it’s not him who hid it from you, it was me, Shayne. Be mad at me. I was only protecting you and him all at once. It’s complicated, but if any terrorist organizations found out about you two being siblings, they’d come after both of you. Luckily they didn’t find out until recently.”

Shayne – “So what’s going to happen to Adam after his interrogation?”

Nikita – “Madeline will assist me with a project for him and you will be training him for Section One once he is ready. You did a good job with Wolfe. I was impressed.”

Shayne – “I did alright. It’s hard to train an operative when you have no field experience in the first place.”

Nikita and Shayne both share brief smiles with each other, as Jasmine gets on the Intercom to call Nikita.

Jasmine – “Nikita. Mendez and the recruits have returned from the mission. They are ready to debrief.

Nikita – “Thank you, Jasmine. I’ll be in my office in a couple minutes. Send Mendez to meet me there.”

Jasmine – “He’s en route as we speak.”

Nikita hugs Shayne again and gets up to walk out the door. She pauses before she lets herself out and turns towards Shayne. Shayne stands up out of respect for her mother.

Nikita – “Maybe if you keep on good behavior, you can get an early release from containment.”

Nikita smiles at Shayne and then turns around and exits out of the room. Shayne lies down on the bed and starts day dreaming of the life they had yet again. She replays the coffee shop scene in her head, but this time Michael is also in the picture. Young Shayne is sipping on her coffee as Michael sits down next to her.

Young Shayne – “Daddy!”

She hugs him as if she’s been waiting all day for him to get off of work.

Michael – “Here, I got you something.”

Nikita – “Michael.”

Young Shayne – “What is it!? What is it?!”

As the little girl opens the gift and pulls out a teddy bear, Nikita and Michael share looks and smiles as to being a normal family. Shayne hugs her dad and her new toy. It seems more memories of Michael are coming back to Shayne’s mind. She lies in bed, arms behind her head and closes her eyes.

Section One – Shayne’s Office

Since Shayne is still doing time in containment, Michael has been occupying the office to help Nikita out with Section One. Stephen Wolfe has reported to Michael, as Mendez is debriefing with Nikita. The office doors open and Stephen walks in and sits in the chair in front of the desk and Sims rep table. A.I. Madeline appears on the table right as Stephen sits down.

Michael – “Hello, Wolfe.”

Wolfe – “Michael.”

Michael – “How is everything going?”

Wolfe – “Everything is fine.” (Turns to Madeline) “This is a neat toy, you have.”

Michael – “She’s not a toy. She was the lead strategist for Section One twenty one years ago. This artificial intelligence is the remains of Madeline’s intelligence and memories that Quinn created to rebuild her. It’s not flesh and bone, but it’s her.

Wolfe – “Wow. Never thought we had this kind of technology.”

Michael – “It’s very rare.”

Madeline – “Stephen, you were brought to Section for a reason. To give you a second chance. Nikita promised your father…”

Wolfe – “My father? What does my father have to do with this?”

Michael – “We think it’s time you should know why you were brought into Section. When you were out, doing drug deals, working for terrorist organizations, almost getting killed, you met Nikita. She saved your life.”

Wolfe – “Yes, I remember.”

Michael slips Wolfe a panel that covers Paul Wolfe’s biography.

Michael – “Your father was Operations. He was the head of Section One for many of years. The reason how Nikita found you was because he was watching you from the beginning. He was protecting you.”

Wolfe – “So I’m just a charity case.”

Michael – “No. Five years ago The Collective figured who you were. Regardless of what you were doing, they knew your potential and so did we. (Pauses) They were going to assassinate you, but we intercepted you before they could get a shot.”

Madeline – “We figured you could be more of use to us alive than dead.”

Wolfe – “So if it wasn’t for you guys, I’d be dead right now.”

Michael – “Yes.”

Wolfe – “That’s just great! Are we done here?”

Michael – “For now.”

Wolfe stands up and walks out of the room. Michael contemplates the conversation and Wolfe’s body language in his thoughts. Nikita walks into the office with the panels she received from Mendez during his debrief.

Nikita – “Did you tell him?”

Madeline – “We only told him about Paul. He seems to be upset right now to let him know his position with us.”

Nikita – “Well, he’s the oldest recruit and we need someone for Munitions. Stephen’s done a huge share in the weapons department when he worked for Red Cell.”

Michael – “How do you know we can trust him to cooperate?”

Nikita – “He cares too much for Shayne to not trust him. I’ve seen it in the training. He kind of reminds me of Walter back in the day. ”

Madeline – “I’ll keep an eye on him from a distance for extra precaution.”

Nikita – “Thank you, Madeline.”

Madeline transport out of the room for the two soul mates to be alone. Nikita walks around the desk and sits on Michael’s lap. Kisses his lips and caresses his face as he holds her tightly.

Nikita – “I think I finally got through to Shayne today.”

Michael – “How so?”

Nikita – “For once in three years, I saw humanity in her. I saw it in her body language, in her eyes. She finally broke down in tears, Michael. In three years.”

Michael – “I told you it’ll all be alright. We should still keep surveillance on her to make sure.”

Nikita – “You’re right. I’m just glad to have the old Shayne back.”

Nikita smiles at Michael and he returns a small smile, which no one sees often except for Nikita. They continue to be intimate with each other and continue to kiss at the desk.

Quinn (over the intercom): “Michael, we have a break in Adam. He’s finally talking.”

Michael – “I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Section One – White Room

Adam’s head is strapped to the chair as he stares at a hologram of his mother, Elena, standing in front of him. Michael walks into the room and notices the image. He is a bit disturbed from. He goes to the computer screen and makes Elena disappear. Michael turns and watches Adam in his daze at the white wall with a couple tears rolling down his eyes.

Michael – “This is far from easy for me, Adam. You have to know that.”

Adam – “That’s very hard to believe, father. Why don’t you just kill me?”

Michael – “I’m not going to kill you, son. I won’t.”

Adam – “What do you want from me?”

Michael – “To cooperate, so I can get you out of that damn chair!”

Adam – (sighs) “Kris Odin from Oslo, Norway. He recruited me three years ago during your last visit with Nikita and Shayne. It was an open door and I took it.”

Michael – “Why didn’t you come to me?”

Adam – “You were too caught up with your family. You always have been.”

Michael – “They are your family too. Shayne could have killed you, but she didn’t.”

Adam – (laughs) “Only because Nikita told her not to. Don’t try to fool me, (pause) dad.”

Michael walks up to the chair and unlocks Adam’s hands. He pulls his son up from the chair and takes him out of the white room. They walk down the corridor to the next available containment room. Michael pushes the code key to the room and it opens. He pushes Adam in the room like he was a disobedient child.

Michael – “You will remain here until your training in Section One is complete. Madeline and Nikita will help get you situated.”

Adam – “Where are you going?!”

Michael – “I’ll be on a mission with Shayne to find Odin. That way I won’t be a distraction to your progress nor will Shayne.”

Michael leaves the room and locks the door behind him. Adam rushes to the door as if trying to follow Michael out, but he doesn’t make it soon enough. Adam hits his fists against the door and walks back to the bed and lies down.

Section One – The Perch:

Nikita is working on a few panels to help prep Michael for his first mission in twenty years. Michael enters the perch, stands in front of the overview and observes Section One’s new generation of operatives. Nikita stops what she is doing and joins Michael’s views.

Nikita – “Kris Odin?”

Michael – “You heard of him?”

Nikita – “Yes. He went dark about five years ago and Section hasn’t heard about him since. He is a weapons dealer or was for Red Cell.”

Michael – “Section is young compared to twenty years ago. They still have a lot to learn before they are able to redeem Section One’s reputation.”

Nikita – “I agree. Does that mean you are staying?”

Michael – “As long as it takes.”

Nikita smiles as a response to Michael’s proposal to stick around Section One.

Michael – “With Madeline, you and myself we should have Section back at 100% within a year. Bringing in Jason wouldn’t hurt either.”

Nikita – “I’ll give him a call in about an hour.”

Michael – “Make it in thirty minutes. As for Shayne, (pause) I want her on the mission with me to Norway.”

Nikita – “Are you sure she’s ready?”

Michael – “If she’s not, she has 72 hours to be.”

Nikita observes Michael’s facial expressions as he returns the eye contact. Michael’s all business now with Nikita and she sees it in his blank stare.

Nikita – “I’ll start working with her now.”

Nikita takes the panels back to Quinn in Communications and exchanges a few words with her. Michael remains in the Perch watching over the situation. Quinn looks up to the Perch and sees Michael observing over like Operations has in the past. It seems that he has stepped into Nikita’s spotlight in the top spot for now or is it forever?

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