Fan Fiction – La Femme Nikita Pt. I

LFN Fan Fiction – “Family Matters”
(Written by: H.M. Gautsch)

*Disclaimer: Infringement not intended. Character names owned by La Femme Nikita Production & USA Network. Most of the terms are known terms based off the show, if you want a resource of what a word means, you can visit the LFN Forever website’s encyclopedia at


It’s been 19 years since Nikita has taken control of Section One. The last Nikita and Michael have been united, a miracle occurred. Unfortunately Walter is no longer with Section One. However, in existence is a young and exquisite Shayne Samuelle-Jones; she’s the perfect cross between Michael’s jade-green eyes and cunning knowledge to survival and Nikita’s compassion for doing good in this twisted, fucked up world. Michael has been absent longer than intended due to Adam’s poor transition to adulthood, so year by year resentment and jealousy has been growing in Shayne’s emotions, unnoticeably towards her father. What’s going to happen when Michael returns into the picture? Read and find out.

Outside Nikita & Shayne’s Apartment:

Nikita makes her way from the door entrance to the SUV parked in the street. Shayne, in the driver seat, waits patiently as the sun beams down on her face and she looks out her driver side window, watching the civilians on the street. As Nikita opens the passenger side door, a sniper shoots her in the lower left arm with a silencer gun. Nikita moans and collapses before she can get into the vehicle.

Shayne: “Mom!”

Without hesitation, Shayne exits carefully and quickly out of the driver side and quickly uses the door and front of the vehicle as cover, while shots are made and hits the truck. Shayne manages to pick her mother up and assists her into the passenger seat without getting hit and carefully returns back to the driver side, hops in the seat, puts the SUV in gear and slams on the accelerator.

Section One – Van Access:

Quinn is waiting at Van Access while Shayne assists Nikita around her shoulders as they walk into Section. The two pause their route to Medical to talk to Quinn.

Quinn: (eagerly) “What the hell happened?”

Nikita: “It was a sniper. (Slight sarcasm) Turns out to be one of those good old days.” (Slightly smiles at Quinn, but Quinn isn’t picking up the humor)
As Shayne assists Nikita towards Medical, Quinn watches them from Van Access waiting for an Operative Team, led by Jasmine Kwong, to return from a recent mission. Quinn then turns towards the two ladies walking away as if wanting to say something.
Quinn: (hesitant) “It’s not safe for you two to be living out there!”
Nikita and Shayne keep walking down the corridor without a response.

Section One – Medical
The doctor rushes towards Nikita as she is now walking basically on her own into the medical room. Shayne is two steps behind and still observes her mother silently and carefully.
Doctor: (concerned) “You okay, Ops?”
Nikita: (annoyed) “Stop calling me Ops, please. Just call me, Nikita.” (Takes a deep breath). “I’m fine. The bullet went through without hitting anything.”
Doctor: (relieved) “Ok, looks like the bleeding stopped. I’ll just clean the wound and patch it up. Then you can be on your way.”
Shayne: “Thanks, doc.” (Turns towards Nikita) “I’ll be in my office if you need me.”
Nikita: “I’ll need you to help Quinn with the debriefings from the mission, until I am done here.”
Shayne nods in agreement, and then exits out of Medical back towards Comms.

Section One – Munitions

Quinn is going through the mission panels when the wall monitor automatically turns on by itself. She turns towards the snowy screen in confusion until Michael pops up on the screen and the snow disappears.
Michael: “Quinn. I need to talk to Nikita.”
The image of Michael dissipates back to the snowy screen, just in time as Shayne walks up to Quinn. Quinn is startled as Shayne approaches.
Quinn: (towards Shayne) “You scared me.”
Shayne: “What’s up with the wall monitor?”
Quinn: (hesitant) “Uh. (pause) Nothing.”
Quinn walks up to the monitor and shuts it off. She seems to be in a rush when she starts walking towards the Perch.
Shayne: “What about the debriefings?”
Quinn: “Already done. I need to go have a meeting with your mother. (As she starts walking away) Have a good one, Shayne and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
Shayne confused with Quinn’s odd behavior, shakes her head and leaves Munitions towards her office.

Section One – Perch

Nikita is pacing back and forth in the Perch as Quinn walks into it.
Quinn – “Found something that you really need to see.”
Nikita – “Not now, Quinn. Send it to Shayne.”

Quinn – “I can’t.”

Quinn walks to Nikita’s wall monitor and types an encrypted code. Michael appears on her screen. Nikita seems to be seeing a ghost.
Nikita – “Michael.”
Michael – “I need your help.”
Nikita – *sighs* “What’s wrong?”
Michael – “Is there somewhere we can meet?”
Nikita – “Yes.”
Michael disconnects just as Shayne walks into the perch.
Shayne – “Who was that, mother?”
Nikita – (pauses and looks to the floor with one hand brushing through her hair and the other on her hip, as to thinking about something.) “Uh, no one, sugar.” (Turns to Quinn) “Thank you for the Intel, Quinn.”
Quinn nods in agreement and then helps herself out of the Perch. Shayne looks at her mother in disbelief, however switches the topic rather quickly to avoid any tension.
Shayne – “I was reanalyzing the mission panels and they haven’t been done. Why did Quinn lie to me?”
Nikita – (Hesitant) “I don’t know. I’ll finish the analysis and have a talk with her. For now, find Jasmine and work on finishing the job. I have to go do some errands. Get the Intel you need from the last mission and co-exist it with the new Intel for the next mission. I’m putting you as team leader.”
Shayne – “Are you serious?! I’m not ready for this line of work.”
Nikita – “You’ll have to be. I was your age when they brought me into Section; do you think I was ready before they threw me to the wolves? You’ll be fine. Besides, you’ve been training well with Jasmine and Quinn for the last two years. With my compassion and your father’s willingness to survive…”
Shayne – (Interrupts with tension) – “You’re the only part of me that exists. My father is DEAD to me.”
Nikita – (replies defensively) “…You’ll be fine.”
Nikita starts walking out of the perch.
Shayne – (takes a deep breath) “Mother.”
Nikita stops and turns her head towards Shayne.
Shayne – “Be careful.”
Nikita gives a half smile.
Nikita – “I always am.”
Nikita continues to exit the perch and walks en route to the van access portal. She exits Section.

Outside Section – Restaurant Setting

Nikita waits patiently as she fiddles with her coffee cup out of boredom. The restaurant door is open by a black gloved hand. It’s Michael. His brunette hair is slowly turning to gray and now a slim beard to cover his face. As we noticed how well he’s aged in the years, he still seems to have the same behaviorisms as he was during Section days, alert and observant with his surroundings. He scans the surroundings of the Restaurant to look for Nikita and spots her in a corner booth next to a window. She is pondering thoughts as she surveillances the outside scene of the window. Michael slowly walks towards Nikita’s direction as a waitress walks up to Michael.
Waitress – “Can I help you, sir?”
Michael – “I’m meeting someone, but a coffee will do.”
Waitress – “Cream and sugar at all?”
Michael – “No. Thank you.”
As the waitress walks behind the server counter, she observes the scene of Michael seating down across from Nikita. He subtly looks out the window, takes his sunglasses off and looks straight over at Nikita. Nikita and Michael get lost in each other’s eyes like it was a staring contest between the two. Nikita smiles then looks down at the coffee cup then back up to Michael.
Nikita – “Well you’re aging well, Michael”.
Michael – “And you haven’t aged a bit.”
Nikita – “How’s Adam?”
Michael looks back out the window, almost to avoid the conversation, but knows deep down that this is the conversation was intended for Nikita’s help.
Nikita – “What’s wrong, Michael? Last I heard from you was on Adam’s 18th birthday. You were in the process of sailing with him in the Mediterranean Sea.”
Michael – “Three years ago. Things have changed, Nikita. Adam isn’t well.”
Nikita’s smile is fading into a directive approach, expecting a directive response. She leans over towards Michael across the table as he remains sat back in the booth.
Nikita – “What do you mean, Michael?”
Michael – “He doesn’t call. He doesn’t write. He disappears months at a time. I want to know why.”
Nikita sits back and ponders on Michael’s indirect response, which she saw coming.
Nikita – “That’s why you called me?”
Michael – “Yes.”
Nikita ponders the thoughts a little more before looking up again at Michael.
Nikita – “Is there a chance…”
Michael (catches on Nikita’s question) – “I hope not.”
Silence remains with Michael and Nikita as of an awkward moment.

Section One – Shayne’s Office (Madeline’s old office)

Shayne and Jasmine are discussing the Intel they are researching from Shayne’s monitor.
Jasmine – “So during the mission, this is what was supposed to happen. Hyde’s team was the backup team and my team was to advance to this point. (She points at the image on the screen.) But then our panels made a change right on the mission. That’s unusual right?
Shayne – “It’s not common.”
Shayne keeps typing through her systems tracking the location of the hacking of the panels.
Shayne – “This isn’t right. It says the hacking came from here, but nothing is being read. It’s a building, but no vehicles or no people. This isn’t making much sense.”
Jasmine – (Remembering her recruitment in Section with her old team) “There was a load of lead material stolen from a warehouse in Prague a couple months ago. We ignored it considering it was lead and not narcotics or massive destruct weapons. But come to think of it, I remembered before your time, when I first entered the Section, one of my team members tried escaping by wearing this material made of titanium. It dissipates the thermo reading and you’re untraceable. Maybe they made a room or made titanium outfits.
Shayne keeps typing and the screen does an X-ray screening of the building.
Shayne – “There!”
Jasmine looks at Shayne’s discovery. The monitor reveals a team of six is seemingly working in a room in the west side of the building.
Shayne – “How did I miss this?! Mother is going to kill me!”
Jasmine – “Not if we don’t tell her.”
Shayne’s shocked at Jasmine’s offering.
Shayne – “Are you nuts?”
Jasmine – “Just give us 72 hours. We will assemble a team; I’ll grab Mendez and head to the location and destroy evidence and everyone before she can even find out.”
Shayne thinks about the offering, but speaks her own accommodations.
Shayne – “I doubt Red Cell will still be lingering there after our mission. (still thinking) Why are you offering this?”
Jasmine – “I want to see you succeed. Everyone fucks up now and again. We are all human.”

Shayne – “Not in Section. Not if we want to survive, there’s no room for humanity here.”

Jasmine – “You should have met the assholes who use to run Section before Nikita took over.”

Shayne leans back in her chair, staring at the screen. She looks up to Jasmine.
Shayne – “I will assemble a team in 12 hours and I’ll call Mendez. I need you in Comms. Work on the panels and I’ll talk with Quinn. This is my problem to solve, not yours.”
Jasmine – “You can’t! You’ve never been on a mission before!”
Shayne – (smiles at Jasmine) “I’ll be fine. (Mocking her mother’s words) “I have my father’s willingness to survive.”
Jasmine isn’t agreeing with Shayne’s words; however she really doesn’t have a choice. Shayne is the type of girl who does what she wants, when she wants, with or without Nikita’s permission, kind of like her father. Jasmine worries, but agrees to Shayne’s accommodations with a slow head nod.
Shayne – “Now, I need to run home for a bit. I’ll meet with you back in Munitions at 23:00.”
Jasmine – “Alright.”
Jasmine grabs her Sims from the desk and leaves Shayne’s office. Shayne signs out and shuts down her monitor and grabs her jacket from the back of her chair and exits her office.

Outside Section – Nikita & Shayne’s Apartment

Michael is sitting on the couch as Nikita lies across his lap. Two glasses of wine sit on the coffee table as Michael caresses Nikita’s face. Dinner slowly cooks on the stove. At the door, the lock becomes unlocked and the door opens. It’s Shayne. Shayne walks in the door, shuts the door and immediately locks it. She observes across the room as Nikita sits up from Michael’s lap.
Nikita –“I’m glad you are home.”
Shayne – “Who is this man?”
Shayne pulls out her gun from her waist and points it at Michael making it clear of how protective she is of her mother. Nikita walks towards Shayne, as Shayne walks around the kitchen island to avoid Nikita.
Nikita – “Shayne, please.”
Shayne – “Are you asking for a death wish, Mother? You were just shot today and now you let any man in our home?”
Michael slowly stands up as he keeps his eyes on Shayne. He slowly raises his hands to show his harmless gesture and that he’s unarmed.
Nikita – “He’s not just any man. His name is Michael.”
Shayne takes a minute to sink in the name and slowly starts lowering her gun. She giggles and nods her head in disbelief as if she knows the name is a given.
Shayne – “Michael, huh.” (Looks straight into Michael’s eyes, as she repoints the gun at Michael) “What the hell are you doing here?”
Michael remains silent and still as too searching for a broad answer, but he realizes Shayne thinks she’s his only child and doesn’t give away the issue yet.
Michael – “Just visiting.”
Shayne – “Just visiting, huh. (Pause) You think you can just come in and out of mine and mom’s life, whenever the hell you feel like it?! You are dead to me, old man! You have been for three years!”
Shayne is now obviously angered as she waves the gun up and down during her confession of anger towards Michael. Nikita progresses towards her daughter’s side slowly. She grabs the gun out of Shayne’s hands, as Shayne starts tearing up. Nikita tries to calm Shayne with an embrace, but Shayne pushes her away.
Shayne – “Screw you, Mom. When are you going to make your own stand about this? Are you trying to push your own daughter away?”
Nikita – “No, I’m not. It’s complicated, sweetheart. More than you could ever understand.”
Shayne – “Try me! I’m not a little girl anymore, mother.”
Nikita – “I know.”
Shayne grabs her gun back from Nikita’s hands and picks up her phone. She calls Jasmine.
Shayne – “The mission has been moved up. Meet you in thirty minutes.”
Shayne heads back towards the door to leave the apartment.
Nikita – “Mission? What mission.”
Shayne – “Don’t worry about it, Mother. Jasmine and I got this. Just sit back and enjoy DADDY’S company before he decides to disappear again.”
Shayne opens the door and leaves. Michael and Nikita watches the door close then change their focus on each other. Nikita, being a worried mother towards her only child, reaches over to her coat and starts putting it on. Michael puts his broad hands on her shoulders as to stop her from proceeding.
Michael – “She’s right. Let her go.”
Nikita takes a deep sigh and remains staring at the door while Michael tries to confront her with shoulder and arm caressing and gives a kiss on Nikita’s neck as he pulls her into his arms.

Mission – Kosovo – Pristina – Abandon warehouse

Shayne and two members of her team are kneeling in the wood line, observing the area with night vision goggles. It seems quiet until a Red Cell operative show in visual of the goggles on top of the building about 200 meters ahead of them.
Quinn (through Comms set) – “Alpha Team, are you in position?”
Shayne – “We are in place. We just spotted a Red Cell sniper on top of the building. Bravo team, you up?”
Mendez – “We have approached our mark. What are the numbers, Quinn?”
Quinn – “My screen shows twenty; fourteen patrolling the area, six inside.”
Shayne – “Let’s roll.”
Mendez and his team of two make way towards the building from their position in the wood line and open fire. The guards respond with returning fire. Shayne signals to her team to move forward from their position. Inside the building the six hear the gunfire outside that interrupts their meeting. Four of the individuals hesitantly start packing the equipment on the tables.
Terrorist #1 – “There’s no time to pack! We need to get the hell out of here!”
Terrorist #2 grabs an explosive device and plants it in the middle of the table with the equipment. He sets the timer to four minutes to give them time to evacuate the building as the rest of the operatives rush towards the back door.
Terrorist #2 – “Let’s go!”
Outside the building, there’s more gun fight between Section and Red Cell. Shayne is in mission mode and returns fire and shoots two operatives, one in a window three stories up from the door and another who was using the corner of the building as coverage. She looks over and notices four more from Red Cell comes from the back of the building. She takes cover behind an abandoned car. The two other terrorists run from the back of the building towards the wood lines east of the gun fight. One of Mendez’s team members gets shot. Mendez replies with shots and hits one of the remaining four terrorists. The rest of the terrorists start retreating from the gun fight and head off towards the other two terrorists who escaped. Shayne tries to chase after but gets stopped by the explosion of the building. She dives for cover.

Back at Section – Communications

Nikita and Michael walk towards Comms as the screen plays the explosion of the building. Quinn and Jasmine turns around and becomes a bit nervous with the two present.
Quinn – “What’s the count, Alpha team?”
No response.
Quinn – (Raises voice in concern) “Alpha team, are you there? What’s your count?!”
Shayne finally replies.
Shayne (through the com set) – “All accounted for, Quinn. However, the building, the evidence is gone. We are back at ground zero. Who the hell are we up against?! (Pauses) Mendez?”
Mendez – (through the com set) – “Bravo team has one operative down. We need housekeeping.”
Quinn removes her com set from her ear and sets it down on her keyboard. She sighs a deep breath and looks up to Michael, Nikita and Jasmine who are all standing behind her.
To Be Continued….


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